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Yotam Cohen

Pianist. Lecturer. Educator. Entertainer

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Transforming Your Musical Vision Into Reality

About Yotam and What He Can Do For You

Yotam Cohen is a pianist, composer, music educator and ethnomusicologist. M.A. in Music Technology and a Teaching Diploma from Bar-Ilan University, Israel. Yotam has been teaching hundreds of students - adults, kids & special education; Piano and music classes in conservatories, college, primary school and now in his home studio. He has developed his own curriculum for music students of all ages and levels: Piano arrangements of popular tunes, fun musical activities for kids, music courses and workshops for beginner to advanced students. As a master of many different musical styles, Yotam enjoys performing very much and tours regularly. In fact, you should check out his YouTube channel for music videos.

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Learn online from the comfort of your own home,
or visit my studio in Budapest, Hungary.

Why Yotam?

As an experienced, certified teacher I'm committed to your success.
Every student is tailored with a specialized plan.

Beginner Pianists

Explore various styles and become an all around musician. Learn to read notes, chords, and develop your musical ear.

Advanced Pianists

Learn how to play your favorite songs by ear and dive into music theory. Explore advanced genres: Jazz, Ragtime, Bossa Nova, Salsa, Rock, etc.

Children & Special Ed.

Learn piano with an added value of Edutainment! Spice up the lessons by playing rhythm games, composing music via flashcards and more...

Yoam Cohen Pianist

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Free Consultation

Let's Meet and Greet

Howdy, let's get to know! Share your piano goals with me, get some materials in preperation for our lessons, test your setup if you learn online and talk about anything that's on your mind!
Don't forget to check out the Tips & Guides section down below for more useful info.
Lesson scheduling and payment is both flexible and very easy! Everything is done below: 

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Lectures and Courses for Everyone

  • All lectures are accompanied by professional presentations, unique demonstrations, videos and audience engagement. Recommended time: 90 minutes (60 also possible).
  • All lectures are accompanied by live music played by on a keyboard / flute / percussion.
  • Ideal for all music lovers: Enthusiasts and musicians alike.
  • Delve into world music, history, cultures, technology and the key figures at the forefront of various musical genres from different countries.
  • As a listener, gain tools to appreciate musical styles and analyze what makes them tick.
  • As a musician, explore the building blocks of musical styles to inspire your creations.

Course Catalog - The Cultures, The Stories, The Sounds

For music students, more courses are available: Music Theory, Composition, Sound Design, etc.

 Contact me for more information! 

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Live Music: Solo Piano and Band Shows

My Piano - Your Experience.

Looking to upgrade your event and make it special?

Hire me to play in festivals, band tours, theaters, weddings, Restaurants, conventions and concerts of any kind in Hungary, Europe or abroad. Contact me for more details.

Are you a singer, band, producer or studio? 

I'll join in and craft the right sounds and keyboard parts for your music, as a live session player, band member or recording artist. Piano, keys, organ and synthesizer.

My Live Piano Shows

 Around the World in 80 Styles 

Famous songs in fresh arrangements and styles from around the world, a one of a kind show!  What would happen if Stevie Wonder were a Brazilian singer? The Beatles an African Band? Green Day as a Jazz Quartet? If 80's hits were composed in the silent film era? 

 Custom Piano Show 

Tell me your vision, and I'll tailor the music to your needs: Would you like some Jazz? 60s? 80s? Rock? Latin? Love Songs? Musicals? Disney and Movie Soundtracks or a nice mix of everything?

עותק של עיצוב ללא כותרת (1)_edited.jpg

For Children - Group Music Classes & Workshops

  • Suitable for smaller or larger groups, contact me for details.
  • Suitable for primary school aged students, or teens/adults with special needs.
  • Active participation: Learn music by playing, singing, moving, improvising, drumming and being engaged in trivia quizzes and other activities. A lot of fun!
  • Every workshop is accompanied by visual presentations, videos and live music.
  • Through learning music, we also explore history, georgraphy and different cultures.
  • Improve metacognitive abilities, memory, coordination, pattern recognition, tolerance.
  • What kinds of music? Classical, Jazz, Brazil, Cuba, Africa, Blues, Instrumental Music and Popular songs. Examples:
 Gershwin (Jazz) Listening Trivia Game 
 Brazilian Percussion Band Notation 

Contact Me

Thanks. We'll be in touch soon!

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